SAEQ: Science and Applied Engineering Quarterly (ISSN 2054 - 2763) registered by the British Library

Journal Objectives: SAEQ (Science and Applied Engineering Quarterly) is registered by the British Library a scientific journal that publishes the theoretical, research and experimental papers covering all aspects of modern science and engineering. It was launched by the initiative of acad. A.Kh.Janahmadov and is published as the source of various studies in EU, CIS and North America. The topics covered are fractals, financial engineering, economics, tribology etc.

SAEQ deposits all issues of journal under The Legal Deposit Libraries Act 2003 Section 15 of the Copyright Act 1911, with following legal electronic depositaries:
  • British Library
  • Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
  • University Library, Cambridge University
  • Library of Trinity College, Dublin
  • National Library of Wales
  • National Library of Scotland


Editors Board:
Chief Editor:
Acad. Ahad Janahmadov (Azerbaijan)

Prof. Stanislav Pytko (Poland), Acad. Boris Gusev (RF), Prof. Francesco Mazzola (Italy), Prof. Igor Emri (Slovenia), Prof. Friedrich Franek (Austria), Prof. Klaus Friedrich (Germany), Prof. Michael Khonsari (USA), Prof. Jan Sukhanek (Czechia)

Publishing & Art Director:
Ph.D Elmar Janahmadov (UK)


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