Aran or Iran

The roots of modern Azeri language and other Oghuz languages along with Iranian (Dari) languages are in the Arani language (Arian) as a separate Language Family. The modern Persian languages is formed as result of the Post Alexander III of Macedonia Migration into Central Asia, where most of the his army settled. It is quite obvious to defeat the army of Darius III, the army of Alexander III of Macedon must have exceeded 50,000. He gathered, besides Greeks, all Slavic tribes from the North of Balkans. Those soldiers, abandoned by their generals, eventually settled in the vast lands of Central Asia. Hence, there is no actual direct relationship between Hindian and European languages via Iranian languages. This assumption is erroneous.

The example from the Behistun Inscription, Column 1 (VI century BC) proves that there is no "est"-suffix in Old Arani language as in the modern Persian, which is a result of the Greek-Slavic influx, but there is "am"-suffix as in Azeri. And the text can be easily translated into Azeri languages both vocabulary and grammatically:

Old Arani:

"Adam (my name) Darayavush (Darius) shayathia (king) vazraka (mighty) shayathia (king) shayathianam (of kings), shayathia Parsai (king of Parsai), shayathia (king) dahyunam (of the world)..."

Modern Azeri:

"Adım (my name) Daryavush (Darius) şahdır (king), büzürg (mighty) şahın (king) şaham (of kings), Parsın shahı (king of Persia), dünyanın (world) şahıyam (king of)..."

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